Selling to Us

CALL US  to discuss what you have; we can sometimes save you a trip, or at least lugging a lot of stuff we don't want. It is useful if you have an idea of what you are selliing. We can make house calls if you have a lot of things, or you can bring them in, but please call first.

DO NOT BOTHER MAKING A LIST. It is far more work than it is worth unless they are exceptional items. 

CONDITION IS VERY IMPORTANT. We only sell items in nice condition, so what we buy has to be in nice condtion too.



We buy a wide variety of books, so it is easier to say what we do NOT buy: encyclopedias published after 1910; romance, westerns, business, finance, politics; magazines after 1900 (with the exception of Fortune). Periodically we suspend buying in certain categories if we have too much of it. So call first.

Maps & Prints

Again, condition is important. If what you have is framed, we will have to take it out of the frame to assess its condition. If it is browned, chipped, or glued down to a mat, we will not buy it. We do not buy reproductions. Always call before bringing these in.